Caligo pipe silencers

Silencers are most commonly fitted to flue gas connection lines to reduce the noise caused by combustion, emission flow and ventilation. These pipe silencers come with lateral or central baffles, depending on size and attenuation conduit. It is advisable to fit the silencer as close as possible to the emission source in order to provide optimal noise minimisation. Data on output spectrum, flow rate, temperature and maximum noise threshold are indispensable in order to create the optimum design.


Caligo baffle-type silencers

Caligo baffle-type silencers consist of several baffles, fitted to a rectangular or cylindrical housing. Owing to their design, baffle-type silencers equal in length and wider than the pipe silencers described above yield greater noise reduction than do pipe silencers. However, pressure loss is higher than with pipe silencers.