Planning, analysis, design and assembly

A single contact person will be there during every stage of the process, from planning, design, and analysis right on through to assembly, including in particular the following:



  • Consulting
  • Determination of stack dimensions
  • Materials selection
  • Cost planning
  • Feasibility
  • Offer presentation



  • Stability certification
  • Technical calculation of flue gases
  • Calculation of foundations
  • Identification of natural frequency
  • Transverse vibration certification
  • Dimensioning of flange connections
  • Design of the chimney construction
  • Acoustic calculations



  • Schematics
  • Component diagrams
  • Item lists
  • Foundation plans



  • Standard operating procedures
  • Transport and transport licenses
  • Cranes
  • Assembly personnel
  • Commissioning / inspection


Work in all aspects of renovation, repair, modification, dismantling, service and maintenance is handled by professionals